How to keep your slides effective while providing extra information when sending them?

I know this is not useful in my slide but when I send my slides, I want people to have these extra pieces of information.

You have probably used this excuse (used it myself too) when someone told you that your slides were a bit crowded with information.

An effective alternative to this strategy, which will also help you preparing your presentation and standing out of the crowd, is to use handouts.

To make the process easier, I have prepared a simple template (also for 16-9 ratio) in latex that only needs the pdf export of your presentation and provides some design options.

You only need to provide a PDF with your slides, open and edit “Handout.tex”. It is well commented and you should be able to find your way through it.

Special thanks to Prof. Ward De Paepe for the development of this template and Diederik Coppitters for the extension to 16:9 ratio.