Ristretto trains scientists and professionals on effective communication, one that flows naturally from you to your audience.

Our trainings revolve around various communication channels: from presentations to reports or articles, through posters and graphs. Yet, we focus not (only) on producing beautiful documents but mostly on the essence: your message. Via negativa is our motto, first removing or advising against what hurts, to then transfer the concepts of effective communication, applicable from the start. In this journey, we provide you with tools, tips, and guidance towards getting your message across.

As part of our crusade against bad communication habits, we also give advice to organisations by helping them producing meaningful, content-driven presentations, reports, graphs or brochures.


Our flagship trainings cover presentation, written documents, and graphs. We also very often develop trainings tailored to your needs.


Next to the trainings, a big part of our work is to advise companies or scientists about various aspects of their scientific communication.


We love sharing our thoughts and our opinions, check out our latest blog posts.