Inspiring others: prepare and deliver the best presentation of your life… every time

How to captivate your audience, get your message across and avoid that no one gets distracted while you are presenting? Conferences, workshops, interviews, competitions… you will face plenty of situations during your career where you need to present your work and convince your audience.

This workshop will empower you, as a presenter, by concentrating on the fundamentals of effective communication: give focus to the message, reduce noise and build a structure that will allow your public to follow and remember your presentation. By means of an interactive approach, the training will introduce you to the five steps towards the best presentations:

  1. Brainstorm the main ideas
  2. Get the storyboard
  3. Build effective slides
  4. Stand out of the crowd and deliver your presentation
  5. Don’t be shy: questions are there to help

This training usually takes place over 2.5 days: during two days (which don’t need to be consecutive) participants work together with the coaches, familiarising themselves with the communication principles and applying them through exercises. As a final ‘test’, each participant delivers a presentation in her/his field and receives detailed feedback during a half day follow-up session that takes place in smaller groups.