The science of scientific writing:
storytelling facts, removing junk

As a scientist, researcher or professional it is not enough to excel at your daily tasks: it is also of utmost importance to be able to effectively write down your work in the form of conference articles, applications, proposals, reports, thesis, etc. Sadly though, scientific reports or articles are often hard to read. Most of the people assume that it is due to the complexity of the concepts, data and analysis. In this workshop, you will learn that with the right structure in place and by applying a series of communication principles, complex ideas can be communicated with clarity, without oversimplifying scientific issues.

The training combines exercises with short lectures dealing with the following topics:

  • Choose the right title for your work
  • Compose an abstract that will captivate your readers
  • Effectively structure your paper/report so that ideas will flow
  • Set up a procedure for revising your documents
  • Improving the quality of writing improves the quality of thought: principles to communicate withclarity
  • Centre yourself and effectively procrastinate

This workshop is usually offered in two full days followed by a written exercise to be carried out at home on which participants receive detailed feedback.