Boost your work efficiency with the following tools and techniques

The objective of this post is to bundle all the efficiency booster I use for my work. Don’t hesitate to submit the gems you find and they will end up here after a trial period.


Evernote can easily be configured to work in the context of GTD. Everybody has a different way but my main advice is to keep it very simple. Stay away from tags and aim at efficiency not complexity.

Burn down chart is used in Agile project management. I am using it to track my “deep work” (everything where concentration is requested). It also motivates me to get things done and to plan what I will do during the week.

Calendly 10to8 helps you planning your meetings and avoid the exchanges of e-mails (update: in its free version 10to8 allows multiple event types).

aText or any other text expander to stop typing again and again the same things.

Concentration I don’t fully understand how it works but it sure does what it claims: get you laser-shart focused.

Calm, sometimes you just need to relax.