Independently organised training
Figures of evidence:
uncover the real value of your data by making effective graphs

Co-station, Brussels,  Friday 28th of June 2019 Register

The beauty of a graphical display doesn’t lie on its looks or its design, but on how effectively it transmits a message. Most importantly: graphs let us unveil the value of our data, they allow us to discover and interpret results that would otherwise remain unseen.

Producing an effective graphs goes well beyond clicking the ‘insert’ or ‘plot’ button of the software you use. What should you focus on when you design your display? How can you ensure that it is readable to everyone? How can you avoid misleading your audience? What is the most effective way of getting your message across?

Our Figures of Evidence training answers all these questions while providing you with the fundamentals of data visualisation. During the training, you will also get a hint of tools to produce effective graphs. We analyse and practice with your own examples, highlighting the dos and don’ts in graphical design. In essence: we guide and encourage you to look at your own data with a critical eye and to come up with the best way to visualise it.

This training is open to everyone: regardless of the organisation you work at or your background, you will learn something valuable with it. For the first time we’re organising it in a neutral environment (not at a specific organisation) so everyone is welcome to join! The maximum number of participants is 15, so don’t miss your chance and register now.


Location, date and price

Where? Co-station Brussels, just by the cathedral

When? 9h – 17h, Friday 28th of June 2019

For whom? Data scientists, analysts and researchers from any discipline

Early bird price (until the 10th of June): 195 euros per person, including lunch

If you are hesitating and would like to have more details about the training, please contact us.

What participants liked about the training

I learnt how to process the data, how to focus on showing the raw data and  how to observe the trends to choose the right way to plot 

You do not have to be an expert in statistics to participate. You are exposed to a lot of interesting exercises plus you have the possibility to show  your own graphs and use your own datasets

Very adequate balance between practice and theory

A lot of useful practice

Overall score given by participants : 3.8/4

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